Explain in 3D how things work using interactive simulations

Do you remember books like “The Way Things Work“ or “How things work”? These books were best sellers and helped kids and people understand how things work. Some reviews of these books were: “This book taught me more about technology than my first five years of school…”. Explain3D is next level of these books. It is a system of interactive educational simulations, that can help you to explain, how things work.

Explain 3D: How things work

  • Car workshop – 4 stroke engine, Car clutch, Manual transmission, Disc brakes, Ignition system.
  • Discover the Universe – ISS space station, Space shuttle, Solar system.
  • Electricity around us – Hydroelectric dam, Wind turbine, Nuclear power plant.
  • Transport simulations- Railroad switch, Submarine, Jet engine.
  • Our homes – Lock and key, Elevator, Toilet, Desk lamp.
  • Tools – Jackhammer, Hand pump.

Explain 3D: How cars work

Interested in cars? Explain 3D: How cars work is just for you. 10 complex car simulations with detailed information about main parts of car systems:

  1. Car engine – four stroke engine with its phases and exhaust.
  2. Friction clutch – clutch with its parts
  3. Manual transmission – manual transmission with gears and degrees
  4. Steering system- car steering with hydraulic support
  5. Differential – car differential and its operation
  6. Braking system – disc brakes and braking system
  7. Fuel system – fuel system with injection, fuel tank and other fuel parts
  8. Ignition system – car ignition system with breaker, battery and sparks
  9. Car suspension – Car suspension system with main parts
  10. Cooling system – car cooling system with car heating


Main features of Explain 3D educational simulations:

  • interactive 3D environment with nice 3D models and animations,
  • simple, intuitive, smooth and user friendly interface,
  • main parts of simulations are described to understand how it works,
  • great to make education more engaging and interesting,
  • Want some special simulation? Use our suggest simulation tool and we will implement your ideas into application.

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