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Imagine a situation – you are trying to describe, how something functions, but are having trouble finding the correct words. For example, how a manual transmission works, “Rotating gears…, shifting gear… and how the car moves forward.” Explain3D is developing a simple and easy solution for this challenge: 3D interactive simulations. Explain3D is 3D wiki which can be used in technical education. System helps people understand how things work. 

Why crowdfunding?

We started project in september 2013 and we started with 8 simulations. Since then, we recieved a lot of messages with ideas and suggestions of simulations, how to improve system and became helpful educational tool. All these ideas are great, because they are ideas of teachers and educators and they reflect their needs. We continued developing system during free time, but more and more ideas and comments are comming. Therefore we decided to crowdfund explain3D  and create new tool that could by used in technical education.


Where we want to get?

  1. Develop 8 complex simulations – create 8 complex simulations from field of mechanics, transportation and physics (for example: car simulation = transmission + differential + engine + clutch + brakes),
  2. Redesign user interface – for better experience from education, we would like to make redesign of web and user interface of simulations and add new functionality to simulations,
  3. Create virtual museum of inventors – create virtual museum of inventors with descriptions of their most valuable inventions, that changed the world.

Become part of team!

If you like interactive education and using of 3D simulations in education, become part of team. Contribute to our campaign and share the campaign! If you have more questions, feel free to contact me. Together, we can create education fun!

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