Try “Explain 3D” car engine demo simulation for FREE in your mobile device. 

Don’t know interactive simulations? Try them for FREE. Download the demo simulation onto your favorite mobile device and try Explain 3D demo simulation. The 4-stroke engine simulation from the car workshop is ready for you. You will also see all the available simulations listed in FULL version of the application.

Moreover, in the demo version you have an opportunity to suggest the simulations you would like to see in the full version by filling out the form with your suggestions.

Explain 3D demo simulation for ios Explain 3D simulation for Android

Main features of Explain 3D educational simulations:

  • interactive 3D environment with nice 3D models and animations,
  • simple, intuitive, smooth and user friendly interface,
  • main parts of simulations are described to understand how it works,
  • great to make education more engaging and interesting,
  • Want some special simulation? Use our suggest simulation tool and we will implement your ideas into application.

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