Explain 3D

 Explain 3D: How things work

Do you remember books like “The Way Things Work“ or “How things work”? Explain 3D is next level of these books. It is a system of interactive educational simulations, that will help you understand how things around you work.


 Explain 3D: How cars work

Interested in cars? Explain 3D: How cars work is just for you. Complex car simulations and animations with detailed information help you understand main car systems.

 Explain 3D: Explore the universe

Explore the solar system and universe with simulations in 3D environment. With Explain3D: Explore the universe, you will have unique chance to explore solar system, planets and most famous spacecrafts.



Explain 3D: Jurassic world

Explore world of dinosaurs, meet largest and most dangerous dinosaurs, learn interesting facts about prehistoric animals. Everything in beautiful 3D world, with animations, sounds and great effects.

Explain 3D: Forest animals

Explore world of forest animals, meet most beautiful animals from forest, deers, wolfs and birds. You can explore huge forest full of animals. Application is for children and adults who want to learn more about forest animals.



 Explain 3D: Tropical and African animals

Explore world of tropical and African animals, meet most beautiful animals – lions, cheetah, rhinos, hippos and much more. All animals are in beautiful 3D world, with animations, sounds and great effects.