Explain 3D: How cars work

carsInterested in cars? Explain 3D: How cars work is just for you. 11 complex car simulations with detailed information about main parts of car systems. Explain 3D: How cars work is exciting 3D interactive encyclopedia for students, teachers or parents who like modern and engaging education. Explain 3D: How cars work contains following simulations:

  1. Car engine – four stroke engine with its phases and exhaust.
  2. Friction clutch – clutch with its parts
  3. Manual transmission – manual transmission with gears and degrees
  4. Steering system- car steering with hydraulic support
  5. Differential – car differential and its operation
  6. Braking system – disc brakes and braking system
  7. Fuel system – fuel system with injection, fuel tank and other fuel parts
  8. Ignition system – car ignition system with breaker, battery and sparks
  9. Car suspension – Car suspension system with main parts
  10. Cooling system – car cooling system with car heating
  11. Turbocharger – understand principle of turbo in car