Explain 3D: How cars work? Helping people understand main car systems

Since publishing Explain 3D: How things work application, we received tons of your suggestions about cars, car systems or automotive simulations. Therefore we decided to create and publish brand new application focused on cars Explain 3D: How cars work.

How cars work - cooling system

Explain 3D: How cars work

In this new application you can find 10 complex car simulations with detailed information about main parts of car systems. Simulations are build in interactive 3D environment with smooth and simple controls and gestures. Application is available for iOS and Android devices.

  1. Car engine – four stroke engine with its phases and exhaust.
  2. Friction clutch – clutch with all main parts
  3. Manual transmission – manual transmission with gears and degrees
  4. Steering system- car steering with hydraulic support
  5. Differential – car differential and its operation
  6. Braking system – disc brakes and braking system
  7. Fuel system – fuel system with injection, fuel tank and other parts
  8. Ignition system – car ignition system with breaker, battery and sparks
  9. Car suspension – Car suspension system with main parts
  10. Cooling system – car cooling system with car heating system and their operation

Our „Suggest simulation“ tool is included in the application, so if you are missing some simulations feel free to send us your ideas. We would like to create largest collection of simulations so you will not need to search internet or youtube if you want to learn new stuff.

We would like to thank all of you, who are supporting us in making education fun, more interesting and engaging. We believe, that interactive and innovative ways of learning are for everyone in the world.

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