When the worker presses down on the handle of jackhammer, air pumps from the compressor into the jackhammer through a valve on one side. Inside the hammer, there’s a circuit of air tubes, a heavy piledriver, and a drill bit at the bottom. First, the high-pressure air flows one way round the circuit, forcing the piledriver down so it pounds into the drill bit, smashing it into the ground. A valve inside the tube network then flips over, causing the air to circulate in the opposite direction. Now the piledriver moves back upward, so the drill bit relaxes from the ground. A short time later, the valve flips over again and the whole process repeats. The upshot is that the piledriver smashes down on the drill bit over 25 times each second, so the drill pounds up and down in the ground around 1500 times a minute.


  • Left Mouse Button – rotation in 3D space
  • Mouse scroll wheel – zoom
  • Click on parts of objects – get more information

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