Explain3D is a system of educational simulations, that can help make education more interactive. We are communicating with teachers, educators and institutions in field of interactive education. They consider educational simulations as a great tool that can help understand, how things work and motivate people to learn new things and topics. Therefore, we are looking for cooperation with partners from all around the world, that will help us to share ideas of interactive education.

Are you an interactive education enthusiast?

Do you like educational simulations and think that it can be useful for schools and in education? Are you a teacher or educator? Help us to make education more interactive and motivational. We are looking for cooperation on propagation sharing ideas, articles in interactive educational topics. Fell free to contact us on

Are you a 3D modeler or designer?

Are you a 3D modeler and have skills in modeling and texturing? We are looking for partners that could help us to create more interactive simulations. Interested in cooperation? Fell free to contact us on

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